Captain's Log #38

Michael Grafton
I may be a bit biased, but I just love the main "History." By just having one side of the story the reader gets to wonder, along with the protagtonist, just what is happening....

Captain's Log #51

Ryan Opel
Another great Captain's Log from the folks at ADB. Night Hounds was a good story on a part of the Star Fleet Universe we don't see very often in print...The Orion Pirates.

The other big story is the tale of the Galactic Scout Cruiser USS Sakharov and her journeys from the Federation to the Lesser Magellanic Cloud, to the Omega sector of the Milky Way and back to the Federation. I am sure many more tales will come from this voyage.

The products also contains material for all of ADBs product lines and will be a welcome addition to any gamers library....