A Call to Arms: Star Fleet


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We are revising this book. Until the revised book is released, we are offering the color hardback book for $5.00 (original price $29.99).

This hardback book with more than 150 pages includes the rules to play the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Kzintis, Gorns, Tholians, and Orion pirates using the Call to Arms combat system. This system is miniatures based (no hexes) and is very streamlined. There is no energy allocation (although some special actions will slow your ship down as your chief engineer diverts powers to whatever special order you gave). Each turn consists of one movement phase and one attack phase. Ships fire one at a time (or in squadrons) and if a ship is destroyed before it gets to fire, well, too bad!

This product is being done as a joint venture with Mongoose Publishing Ltd., under the strict terms of ADB, Inc.'s contract with Paramount Pictures Corporation.

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