F&E Countersheet Q


Code: 3209-Q

Due to the way the defective counters worked out, we have a considerable quantity of "Sheet Q" (the right half of sheet PQ). Now, PQ was not supposed to be a sheet you wanted more than one of, and this is only half of that, but because we have no real use for these half-sheets, and there are some (by one count, 39) counters of some use, maybe some of you would pay one dollar per sheet for them. I have put this sheet on the cart and you???re welcome to take advantage of this deal while quantities last. This is a list of what is on sheet Q.

Sheet Q (Advanced Operations)

Federation (useful?): BB, 3DDX, FFB, 3FFX

Federation (useless?): Admiral(9), CF1(3), CAD, CLD(2), CLV(2), GVX, HFP(2), LTF(2), SP(3), VHP (2).

Generic: POL-3, POL-4, LAS.

Gorn (useful?): 3BDX, CVS, 3HDX.

Kzinti (useful?): DDV, DND, HDW, 3FKX, FRX

Kzinti (useless?): Admiral(6), CPF(3), CPX, PTP(2), 2PTP, SCP, SP(4), VHP(4).

Orion (useful?): BCV, BCS, LX, SAX, SGS.

Romulan (useful?): DMH, FRX, KRS, MGH, OMH, ROC, 3SKX, 3SPX.

Romulan (useless?): Admiral(6), CPF(3), CPX.

Tholian (useful?): CAW, CVH, 3DDX, DHW, NCA, NCL(3), NCX, NHD, NDN(2), 3PCX.

Tholian (useless?): Admiral(3), CPF(2)

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 13 March, 2016.