Federation Transfer Sheet #1


Code: MP_31015

These decals are for the 2500 series of minis from Mongoose. They do not work on the 2400 series of minis.

This highly detailed sheet of water-slide transfers (decals)is designed to save Federation players a lot of time and trouble by reproducing many of the insignia found on their ships. It includes enough transfers to portray 60 different ships, and includes the following classes;

Burke-class Frigates
Ramius-class Battle Frigates
Ortega-class War Destroyers
Texas-class Light Cruisers
Prometheus-class Strike Cruisers
Wolverine-class Fast Cruisers
Federation-class Dreadnoughts
Constitution-class Heavy Cruisers
Kirov-class Battlecruisers
Callahan-class Police Cutters

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