FC: Deluxe Space Battle Maps


Code: 5310

An eight-panel MOUNTED map board for use with Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, Honor Harrington, Attack Vector, or other space games. Full-color Hubble telescope map images. Numbered hexes for game record keeping. Some panels have the usual firing-direction and scatter diagrams. Two panels have full-color planets by Ted Geibel. Each panel is double-sided, including 16mm (5/8 inch) hexes on one side (standard SFB scale) and 1.25" (32mm) hexes on the other side (Federation Commander scale). The panels are separate (not hinged), so you can build your own battle space and leapfrog ahead of a running gunfight. Six of these panels are in Federation Commander: Klingon Border, and the two planets are in Federation Border: Klingon Attack.


Joseph Jackson
5 of 5 Stars
There is only one question to ask: How did I ever live without these?


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