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"Sir! Lyran ship approaching!"

"Load photon torpedoes. Fire all phasers!"

"End simulation. Congratulations, cadets. You just started a war with the Lyran Democratic Republic, a neutral power. Go study your LDR Master Starship Book. Quiz tomorrow. Dismissed!"

The sixth volume in the long-anticipated Master Starship Book series is now available. It includes every LDR ship in Star Fleet Battles, including X-ships and general units that are specific to the Lyran Democratic Republic. The LDR has very specific information because it was such a small empire. There are no Y-ships as the LDR didn’t exist in that timeframe. (This book does not focus on ships from the Lyran Star Empire; those are in their own book.)

Every ship is illustrated. All updates, corrections, and errata have been added. The ships are in order (regardless of the product they came from) with the enhanced format listing detailed information in a consistent manner.

This book contains the descriptions of the ships, but no SSDs.

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