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Explore More Worlds! Discover More Species! Part of the Prime Directive Roleplaying Universe.

Find out about the Brecon, four-armed humanoids who live in the Federation. There are also Deians, who are extremely beautiful. Prellarians are masters of high-grav and null-grav technologies.

The Klingon Empire has more species: Yitlians who are fierce warriors and Zoolies who are highly perceptive and sought out for Klingon commando teams.

The Andromedan Invaders have more background and enough information that the GM can construct robots to confound players.

The Inter-Stellar Concordium is described more fully along with the five member species for players to play or encounter.

The Seltorian Tribunal has but one goal: exterminate the Tholians! To that goal, there are five types of Seltorians, two of which are suitable for players.

Jindarians are at home on their asteroid caravans. And then there are the Vudar. They are located between the Hydrans and the Klingons, part of the Klingon Empire, yet they run their own navy.

The Carnivons and Paravians are different as in they have a distinct extinction date - unless they don't! The Paravians died when a sun snake destroyed their sun; the Carnivons, when the Kzintis and Lyrans carried out genocide. What are the odds that a small group escaped detection? (Hint: 100%)

Included for your convenience are unified weapons charts with all the weapons included in the core rulebook and three sourcebooks. If you can't remember where you spotted something, the complete index might help with that.

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