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This collection of SSDs for Star Fleet Battles, ship cards for Federation Commander, ship rosters for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, and ship cards for Starmada has the following ships:

Star Fleet Battles: Klingon E4X advanced technology escort, Romulan Snipe-X advanced frigate, Gorn advanced frigate, Hydran advanced Hunter frigate, Hydran advanced Cuirassier frigate, Lyran Cheetah-X advanced frigate, Seltorian Tribunal FFX advanced technology frigate, Vudar advanced frigate, Romulan K3 escort, Romulan K3C escort leader, Romulan K2 cutter, Romulan K2C cutter leader, Romulan K6 heavy police ship, Romuland BattleHawk-B destroyer leader, Maesron Alliance command cruiser, and Probr Revolution command cruiser.

Federation Commander: Borak heavy cruiser, war cruiser, war destroyer, and war frigate. These are in black and white.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet: Class-One Small Armed Freighter, Class-Two Large Armed Freighter, Class-Three Jumbo Armed Freighter, Class-Four Heavy Armed Freighter, and Class-One Small Auxiliary Cruiser.

Starmada: Federation battlecruiser (BCP), Klingon SparrowHawk light cruiser, Romulan DemonHawk dreadnought, and Seltorian Tribunal Assault Wagon.

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