Star Fleet Battle Force


Code: 5911

Exciting card game of the SFB universe. 132 cards, dice, damage markers, rules. Relatively simple game with intense and intricate tactics. Cards have incredible full color. A melding of Star Fleet technology and a classic naval card game system. Ships are marked with various weapons; if you have a matching weapon card you can fire it at the enemy. Various defenses and attack bonuses apply. Advanced game mechanics allow some weapons to use several different cards (Plasma R can fire plasma S) and many weapons can be used defensively against some kinds of attacks. Special cards include legendary officers, Klingon mutiny, Organian ceasefire.


Christopher Russell
5 of 5 Stars
A fast paced and easy to learn game. The cards are nicely illustrated and the game mechanics easily adapted to players of all ages (including my 10 yr old).


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