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This expansion to the Federation Commander system adds 16 new ships to the game in full-color laminated glory! This adds:

New ships: Fed BCJ, Police; Klingon D5, D5W, E4; Kzinti NCA, DN, BCH, CL, CM, DW; Tholian DD; Orion LR and Salvage Cruiser; Free Trader.

New Monster: Juggernaut! An extra-galactic death machine!

New Scenarios (Day One): The Mighty Hood Goes Down, the Alkairik Convoy; Delay in Sector; Target of Opportunity; Attack on Battle Station K3; Raid on Rukyverk; Refueling Roulette; The Old Shell Game.

New Scenarios (other): Showdown at Grimrock; Juggernaut; Derelict; Repair Rendezvous.

Two planetary map panels, giving more space to fight in and more planets to fight over!
Components: 16 ship cards, 16-page ship/scenario book, two hard-mounted map panels (planets), 40 one-inch counters; over 100 half-inch markers.

This is an expansion to the boxed game Federation Commander: Klingon Border You must have that product to use Federation Commander: Klingon Attack
Boosters 4-5-6 provide extra copies of ships from Klingon Attack and some new ships. Squadron Boxes 4-5-6 provide one miniature for each ship type in Klingon Attack. Border Box 2 provides 24 miniatures which "fill out" the complete set of 40 ship cards that result from combining Klingon Attack with boosters 4-5-6.

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Dylan Sanchez
5 of 5 Stars
A good collection of ships. The D5W is particularly useful as a bridge between the D7 and the heavier battlecruisers. The Tholian destroyer is another good addition. A good ship pack!


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