Due to high fees charged to us on orders with low purchase totals, we must charge $2.50 on orders under $9.95. This will be taken from the shipping charges and will simply reduce the amount we refund to you. We are sorry for the inconvenience. When a third of what you pay us goes to pay processing fees, we have to do something to stay in business.

Thank you for your understanding.


UPS has started adding large surcharges ($19 or more!) that we cannot absorb in these states. As a result, we can only use USPS shipping to California, Iowa, and Michigan. If you live in those states and accidentally choose UPS, we will ship by USPS and refund the difference.

Thank you for your understanding.


Le Valet d'Coeur in Canada will accept orders for our products to be shipped to you from their store. This will allow you to pay less expensive shipping.

Magalie Huault
514 499-0133
Le Valet d'Coeur

We can now ship to countries outside of the United States. If your country is not listed, email sales@starfleetgames and I can add your country to the list. PAYMENT & SHIPPING INFORMATION:

We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and checks or money orders in US funds.
We ship by USPS (arrives in 2 to 3 days in the US) and UPS (arrives in about a week in the US).

Notice about shipping cost We charge the actual cost of shipping up to the amount shown on our order. If your order is small, we will only charge the actual cost to your credit card or refund the difference to PayPal.

If you want to email [email protected], we can tell you exactly how much the shipping will be.


A Call to Arms: Star Fleet
A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Reinforcements 1

Federation & Empire
F&E Advanced Operations 2022
F&E Strategic Operations 2022
F&E Civil Wars double-sided and single-sided countersheets
F&E Countersheet Tango
F&E Jumbo Aux 80 Countersheet
GURPS Romulans 2021
Klingon Warrior Figure

Star Fleet Battles
Module R6 2023
Module R1 2023
Cadet Training Handbook Reprint Edition
Module R4J
Module R4T
R4T Countersheet
R4J Countersheet
Tholian Master Starship Book

Battleships Armada Unity

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