Captain's Log #03 Reprint

Joseph Jackson
This is a no nonsense, get right into it, Captains Log. It has a ton of scenario's to dive into. I'm a huge fan of the fan fiction. If for no other reason, getting your hands on Deth O'Kay's HammerField SSD is worth every penny in my book. Too much info? Too bad. Spoiler: It's Awesome!...

Module R2: Fed-Kzinti-Orion-Andro

Joseph Jackson
I have been in desperate need of a Kzinti Dreadnought for some time now. So this volume is just what I needed. Some other favorites I plan to do battle with immediately are: The Federation War Destroyer. That is one wicked cool ship.
The Federation Plasma Frigate.
Kzinti Medium Scout Cruiser and Kzinti War Drone Destroyer.
You gotta see the Orion OK6 Cruiser and the Orion Heavy Battle Cruiser. Fear the Orion Pirates!
For me this was a must have Module to SFB. Now that I have it, I cant believe I waited so long to get it!...

Captain's Log #25

Joseph Jackson
First off, love the fast shipping. Thanks.
This thing is just packed with goodies. There are too many to mention!I'll pick my 3 favorite:
1. The cover story: great read-a classic page turner.
2. The Hydran ship HYDRAMAR, a Lord High Executioner DCS. That's about the coolest ship name ever-except for:
SSD's included!
Honorable mentions: everything else.
My recommendation? Buy it!...

Basic Set Countersheet

Neal Bourbeau
The classic set revised. The Art work is awesome! I use it with the Designers Edition.

SFB: Basic Set Map

Neal Bourbeau
This is the classic SFB board updated. Nice star field in the back is great improvement to a simple effective design....

Module R1: Bases & Auxiliaries

Joseph Jackson
If your into fleet actions and campaigns you're not going to be able to live without this one. Add a Monitor to your Base defense and watch the sweat pour out of your enemies! Use a Race specific Star Base SSD. Organize your empire with great detail and realism. Convert your lonely Base into a bustling way-station, ripe for conquest by an aggressive neighbor. Or capture an enemy supply depot. Mod R1 is just what you need!...