Federation Commander: Graduation

Dylan Sanchez
A great product. Comes with a wide array of ships. While mostly focusing on Fed and Klingon ships, it provides a taste of other factions as well. The scenarios are wide ranging and creative. Overall a great pack, and the map panels are very high quality and tough....

Federation Commander: Academy

Dylan Sanchez
An excellent gaming system. Easy to pick up with lots of options for how to play. Deeply fun and strategic, the Academy pack gives you all you need for hours of entertainment. It’s impossible to resist picking up Graduation and going hog wild from there....

FC Reference Rulebook

Jeremy Christiansen
I love this book. I ordered this after getting Klingon boarder and it's a game changer. I gave Klingon boarder to the kiddo and kept this book along with an extra set of counters. Light read compared to sfb....

Star Fleet Battle Force

Christopher Russell
A fast paced and easy to learn game. The cards are nicely illustrated and the game mechanics easily adapted to players of all ages (including my 10 yr old)....

Module C2 Countersheet

Morgan Allen
The full color ship counters are distracting, Please make an option to purchase the older two tone style. ...

Module C1 Countersheet

Morgan Allen
The full color ship counters are not visually appealing when compared to the old two color style. The images just look like the Mega Hex art work, shrunk down and printed on yellow and green background, this is visually unattractive & distracting. Please bring the old two tone style back in print....