Captain's Log #21

Joseph Jackson
I really enjoyed this issue of CL. The short story, Mutiny on the Harasser, was tense and entertaining. The Scenario, SL187 Planetary Raid, may be my new favorite scenario. And the Kzinti and Lyran captured ships rock! In my personal opinion, if you dont buy CL21, you might be a tribble turd....

Star Fleet Times #1-#5

jeff anderson
While the serious issue/ships have been incorporated into other products, the fun ships by themselves make this a must-have product just as much as the delightful time-capsule aspects of it. So good, I'd like to give it a six star out of five rating. :)...

Omega 1: The Omega Sector

jeff anderson
A whole new universe, but without the need to learn a whole new set of game mechanic rules, the Omega sector is an almost "Wild West" setting for new heroes to emerge. I can NOT praise it enough!...

Stellar Shadow Journal #1

jeff anderson
SFB is such a wonderful, detailed, and complex game that sometimes we fans can forget the "Fun" side of gaming.

SSJ is something that does not take itself as serious as the core SFB. It has that fun that can be lacking elsewhere....

Federation Master Starship Book

jeff anderson
A reference book without peer for everything the Federation can put in the field, from ships to fighters to Marines to even the conjectural Mustang and Thunderbolt gunboats, all in one convenient package.

Were I to request a change, it would be to add the Master Fighter Chart for the Federation fighter shuttles. They are described in wonderful detail and the requested chart would be a duplication of what is already in the Master Annex Book....

Module E5 North Polar Republic

William Leach
I understand the reasoning for no counters, to keep the cost down. But, why not print the paper ones in color? Other than that, it's a fun little module....