FC: Deluxe Space Battle Maps

Joseph Jackson
There is only one question to ask: How did I ever live without these?

Cadet Training Handbook Reprint Edition

Joshua Gibson
Awesome product. May come off as talking down to you if you're really into wargaming, but for the uninitiated, it's perfect. It clearly directs you step by step and with the use of the scenarios, you pick it up easy. PDF is free on Drivethrurpg (Don't be fooled by the different cover. It has the same guts.

Most Excellent product!!!...

SFB Basic Set

Joshua Gibson
I love the simple look to it, like an actual manual from work. The counters are sturdy and colorful. I just wish that the PDFs at Drivethrurpg weren't so high, and you have to buy the SSD separate from the rules. Other than that, it's most excellent....

Module R4T: The Tholian Will

Mark Donelan
If you play Tholians this is a must. Lot's of background and ships.

Captain's Log #21

Joseph Jackson
I really enjoyed this issue of CL. The short story, Mutiny on the Harasser, was tense and entertaining. The Scenario, SL187 Planetary Raid, may be my new favorite scenario. And the Kzinti and Lyran captured ships rock! In my personal opinion, if you dont buy CL21, you might be a tribble turd....

Star Fleet Times #1-#5

jeff anderson
While the serious issue/ships have been incorporated into other products, the fun ships by themselves make this a must-have product just as much as the delightful time-capsule aspects of it. So good, I'd like to give it a six star out of five rating. :)...