A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1.2 Deluxe Edition

John Williams
I purchased the print edition of this book. It has a good amount of background from the star fleet universe on the federation, klingons, romulans, gorn, and kzinti as the five main factions represented in this book with a nice introductory number of ships for a good variety of choices available to build fleets from.

The "A call to arms" rule set combines well with star fleet setting for a different flavour of fleet battles.

The print edition was in good condition, although the artwork used in the book was originally in color, and the book is printed in black and white. I believe different black and white versions of the artwork and photographs could have had a better contrast for the black and white printing rather than the black and white versions of the color art.

The awkward looking B&W versionf of the art is the only negative thing I could say about that copy of the book. I would therefore suggest getting the PDF version. ...

Romulan Master Starship Book

Patrick Dillman
Everything a Master Starship Book should be. If you specialize in playing The Greatest Empiral Ships of the Galaxy, you need this book!...

Module W: Space Battle Maps (1.25"")"

Dan Proctor
This is a wonderful map. The regular SFB male with the big Texas sized hexes. Great for big games with lots of counters, miniatures and / or Federation Commander. I found the map durable, colorful and easy to work with....

FC Reference Rulebook

Dan Proctor
The Federation Commander Reference rule book it a truely awesome addition to your FC game. Every rule you need, easy to access. Get the Tactics manual to go with it and you will ROCK the universe. (Or at least you'll know why you lost ;^)...

SFB Tactics Manual

Dan Proctor
SFB Tactics Manual
SFB player, why don’t you have this already?! Buy it now, then come back and read my review. It goes like this, I played SFB for years and for years my buddy and I played it wrong. Yeah, I know, who can’t figure out how long a ¼ turn is? The Tactics manual breaks down into a variety of useful subjects and clearly demonstrates how the rules were meant to work and how you can best apply them. It was the Zen moment of my SFB gaming reading this book. There is no point in trying to break down the variety of subjects, but it is a wonderful treatment of our favorite game. Even casual SFB players should pick this up because it provides a gateway into truly learning the game. Roll low!

SFB Basic Set

Dan Proctor
Star Fleet Battles Basic Set Review
Star Fleet Battles Basic Set is a fantastic value in gaming. This box set comes with rules, map, charts, ship displays and scenarios. Why do I love SFB over other sci-fi space combat games? Each empire of aliens has its own weapons systems. So while the ships have similar systems (like shields, warp engines, tractor beams, transports and such) they also have unique weapons and therefore tactics. As the Captain of your own starship you must decide how to apply the strengths of your ship against the weaknesses of the enemy. If you try to use one basic strategy against each opponent you will lose your command in short order (oh yes, I have gotten my ship blown out from under me).
The variety of scenarios means that you can go on scientific missions, fight monsters, explore the terrain of space (like asteroids, black holes, and more), play solitaire games, go on rescue missions, do pirate raids and even conduct multi game campaigns.
This game easily converts to using miniatures either on their large hex system or play hex less!
Here’s another strength, the rules are laid out in a logical fashion that facilitate reference during play. Here’s the challenge, figuring out how to start a game. The examples are in there and careful reading will get you there, but why not learn the fun way, by playing! Go get yourself the free Cadet version, use that to teach yourself the basics and then read the SFB rules again and start playing.
I also recommend you pick up the SFB Tactics Manual. I must confess I played for years incorrectly until I read this gem. It’s not just how to beat everybody, but the tried and true advice there demonstrates how the rules are meant to work.
Why SFB and not Federation Commander? I started with SFB (back in the day) and then picked up Federation Commander and now I’ve gone back to SFB. I love and play both, but there is something to be said for the breadth of action you can take in SFB. It’s well balanced after years (and years) of playtesting and refinement. The current version is well written, consistent and fun to play.