We offer over 100 precision-scaled (1/3788) pewter starships from the Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Empire, as well as the Gorns, Kzintis, Tholians, Orion Pirates, Hydrans, Lyrans, WYN Star Cluster, and the Interstellar Concordium. Ships come unpainted, but fans all over the galaxy have done spectacular custom paint jobs (and you can even obtain decals made special for your fleet). Ships are available individually, or in Squadron Boxes (for Federation Commander) and Fleet Boxes (for Star Fleet Battles), and even in massive 24-ship Border Boxes (for FedCom). For more information, see where you will find photos as well as painting guides.

On our store on Shapeways, the 3788 Scale is compatible with the Starline 2400s. The Omni Scale is also compatible.


3788 Scale

Omni Scale