Module W: Space Battle Maps (1.25"")"


Code: 0020

Large 46x38 inch map with 1.25" hexes, double the normal size! Suitable for miniatures (SFB or any other game) or huge battles with regular counters. Also includes (as part of the cover) full-color planets, moons, asteroids, and a comet printed on the same size hex grid so you can arrange whatever terrain you need. (Includes one five-hex planet, two three-hex planets, a two-hex planet, and numerous one-hex planets. The comet is four hexes long.) Also includes miniatures turn gauges and firing arc templates and "tabletop" (non-hex) rules.


Dan Proctor
5 of 5 Stars
This is a wonderful map. The regular SFB male with the big Texas sized hexes. Great for big games with lots of counters, miniatures and / or Federation Commander. I found the map durable, colorful and easy to work with.


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