Uncut card sheet for SFBF


Code: 5911-9

Rare and limited edition; uncut sheet of all 132 cards. An incredible treasure to be framed and displayed in your rumpus room.

This item will be shipped by Post Office in a mailing tube. If you order ONLY an uncut sheet, the $34.95 price includes shipping (your invoice will show an additional shipping charge, which will be refunded). The uncut sheet will be mailed separately from the rest of the order. (The shipping services have added a surcharge for the tube, hence the high shipping cost.)

Price includes shipping in the United States only.


Jeff Guthridge
5 of 5 Stars
This arrived in a cardboard carrier that made me wonder if I was receiving Anti-Tank Ordinance by mistake! Humor aside, the multi-layer packaging was excellently performed and USPS was unable to apply their destructive best, so the sheet arrived intact. I've got it resting on a table right now, letting the curl relax out before framing. I expect it to be a conversation starter in the game room once I find the perfect spot for it. The webstore image doesn't show it well, but it is the full production sheet, complete with whitespace, crop guide, and color test marks. I think any well provisioned SFU game room needs one!


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