Battlewagon Second Edition 1984

Patrick Dillman
An interesting game system. Really would like to see an updated and expanded third edition. Also sad that there aren't any counters to go with the folio....

Orion Heavy Cruiser

Patrick Dillman
Very well done. Only a couple flash tags to snipe off. Details came out great!

SFB Master Rulebook 2012 Edition

Dan Proctor
This rulebook is a tremendous value. I'm a long time player and just updating to the newest version of the game. So I've purchased the Basic Set and Advanced Missions. At first I though this was too much for the rulebook, but to my pleasant surprise the Master Rulebook brings a huge HUGE value. It is neat organized and although it says its just the rules, what this means is that some of the stuff in the Basic Set and Advanced Missions has been removed. The removed bits are the ship descriptions per empire. What this means to you is that it is slightly smaller than the combined Basic Set and Advanced Mission rules shuffled together. Put this in a 2" D-ring heavy duty binder and you are ready to game. Some of my friends have purchased multiple copies so other players have it to reference during 'learning' games.
Make this rulebook an early purchase as you build your Star Fleet Battles game to its full and glorious size. ...

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1.2 Deluxe Edition

John Williams
I purchased the print edition of this book. It has a good amount of background from the star fleet universe on the federation, klingons, romulans, gorn, and kzinti as the five main factions represented in this book with a nice introductory number of ships for a good variety of choices available to build fleets from.

The "A call to arms" rule set combines well with star fleet setting for a different flavour of fleet battles.

The print edition was in good condition, although the artwork used in the book was originally in color, and the book is printed in black and white. I believe different black and white versions of the artwork and photographs could have had a better contrast for the black and white printing rather than the black and white versions of the color art.

The awkward looking B&W versionf of the art is the only negative thing I could say about that copy of the book. I would therefore suggest getting the PDF version. ...

Romulan Master Starship Book

Patrick Dillman
Everything a Master Starship Book should be. If you specialize in playing The Greatest Empiral Ships of the Galaxy, you need this book!...

Module W: Space Battle Maps (1.25"")"

Dan Proctor
This is a wonderful map. The regular SFB male with the big Texas sized hexes. Great for big games with lots of counters, miniatures and / or Federation Commander. I found the map durable, colorful and easy to work with....