FC: Romulan Attack!

Dylan Sanchez
Another great expansion. Lots of useful Romulan and Gorn ships, including a cool Dreadnought variant for the Romulan. Fed ships are a nice bonus and the asteroid rules and maps make this good value....

FC: Reinforcements Attack

Dylan Sanchez
An excellent collection of ships that fill in gaps in the various empires’ repertoire. Especially appreciate the Andromedon SatBase....

FC: Orion Attack

Dylan Sanchez
Great to see more Orions. A great faction with cool rules. The provided cards are good for new players and the master weapons chart, though missing the War and Peace weapons, is very useful (though I wish it was laminated). Overall a solid expansion!...

Module C2 Countersheet

Dennis Surdu
I love the new counter designs.....they are of top-notch quality. I only wish ALL counter sheets from all the products would get re-released....

FC: War & Peace

Dylan Sanchez
Really interesting empires with cool rules. The Andromedons in particular are very unique. Might even be better than Distant Kingdoms!...

FC: Tactics Manual

Dylan Sanchez
Illuminating and well written. Really thoroughly covers the game and all its various permutations.