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The Lyran Democratic Republic is more than just a renegade province of the Lyran Star Empire. It is a vital balance point between the Lyrans and Hydrans.

  • The LDR can share repair and conversion facilities with the Lyrans.
  • Ships of the LDR are more powerful than the Lyran ships due to their Gatling phasers.
  • Wall Cloud scenario: The LDR rejoins the Lyran Star Empire.

The Vudar Enclave was far different than the Klingons tricked the Federation into believing, but it was still a player in the final years of the General War, locking up key territory in a “neutral” enclave secretly much closer to the Klingon Empire than thought.

  • Ion Storm Generators and Ion Pulse Generators can disrupt enemy operations.
  • The secret Vudar base in “The Hole” contains a secret shipyard and a secret fleet.
  • Static Fog scenario: the Klingons decide to crush the Vudar Enclave.
  • Electric Strom scenario: The Vudar and the LDR carve new empires out of old ones.

The Seltorian Tribunal arrived late in the General War and asked the Klingons for a planet where they could set up a base to attack the Tholians. The Klingons were only too happy to have a new ally – until they discovered the Seltorian secret.

  • Seltorian Web Breakers can destroy Tholian webs – and Tholia itself
  • Seltorian Hive Ships act as a mobile shipyard – one that can build shipyards
  • Vortex of Vengeance scenario: The Seltorians declare war on the Tholians
  • Freak Storm scenario: Seltorians, Hydrans, LDF, and Vudar attack the Klingons.
  • All of the minor empires rely on auxiliary warships assembled into tactical groups.

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