Federation Fast & Survey Cruisers


Code: 0216

Two special cruisers, the Galactic Survey Cruiser (above), with more labs and more sensors, the ship that made the reputation for the Federation Survey Department and the raiding Fast Cruiser (below). In lead free pewter, includes stands, for gaming or display.

Photo shows item painted by a player. Ships are sold unpainted. Painting guides are available on line, but you can paint your ships any way you want.

The Federation fast cruiser was designed with "hot warp" engines and a reduced heavy weapons load. In SFB, it is (R2.82) in Module R6. In Federation Commander it is in Booster #4. In ACTASF it is in volume 1.2 (Wolverine-class Fast Cruiser). In Starmada it is in Klingon Armada.

The Federation survey cruiser (also known as the galactic survey cruiser) was intended for long-range research and reconnaissance missions. In SFB, it is (R2.16) in Advanced Missions. In Federation Commander it is in Federation Ship Card Pack #2. Starting in Y175 it can carry two F-18s.

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