Federation Battlecruiser


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Other empires called ships of this class a "heavy battlecruiser" because it was 25% bigger and meaner than a heavy cruiser or the Klingon or Kzinti battlecruisers. The Federation avoided use of the term because it was too "warlike" but these ships appeared after the Federation had been at war for eight years and no longer cared if anyone thought they were warriors. The miniature can be used for the Kirov (drone), Bismarck (plasma), or New Jersey (photon) variants. [All had four photons. The difference was the two weapons in the dorsal gunhouse.]

The ships of the Starline 2500 series are cast in pewter, have supremely high detail, and are in a larger (1/3200) scale than the earlier, metal 2400 series of miniatures. The ships of either series will work with Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, A Call to Arms, or Starmada.

This product is being done as a joint venture with Mongoose Publishing Ltd., under the strict terms of ADB, Inc.'s contract with Paramount Pictures Corporation.

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