For the Glory of the Empire


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Are you a Klingon at heart? Do you want to know more about them, what makes them tick? Try out this book!

  • "For the Good of the Empire" is the story of what happens when Klingon military intelligence hires an Orion Pirate ship to carry its agents into enemy territory. Can the pirates be trusted?
  • "The Threads of War" tells the story of Korgan, who steps into the middle of a political fire while in pursuit of an Orion Pirate ship.
  • "Flotilla Commander" explores the adventures of a gunboat commander out on the Klingon-Kzinti lines.
  • "A Plague on Their Houses" is the story of what happens when a disgruntled crewman takes revenge upon his Klingon overlords.
  • "Fight Fire with Fire" is another story of vengeance -- this time it is the Tholians who must pay!

These stories and their accompanying scenarios were previously published in various Captain's Logs.

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