SFB Tactics Manual


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This product includes everything you need to know to fly a starship to victory! Weapons, maneuvers, energy management, and much more is provided. This is the updated 2000 edition.


Dan Proctor
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SFB Tactics Manual SFB player, why don’t you have this already?! Buy it now, then come back and read my review. It goes like this, I played SFB for years and for years my buddy and I played it wrong. Yeah, I know, who can’t figure out how long a ¼ turn is? The Tactics manual breaks down into a variety of useful subjects and clearly demonstrates how the rules were meant to work and how you can best apply them. It was the Zen moment of my SFB gaming reading this book. There is no point in trying to break down the variety of subjects, but it is a wonderful treatment of our favorite game. Even casual SFB players should pick this up because it provides a gateway into truly learning the game. Roll low!


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