SFB Master Rulebook 2012 Edition


Dan Proctor
This rulebook is a tremendous value. I'm a long time player and just updating to the newest version of the game. So I've purchased the Basic Set and Advanced Missions. At first I though this was too much for the rulebook, but to my pleasant surprise the Master Rulebook brings a huge HUGE value. It is neat organized and although it says its just the rules, what this means is that some of the stuff in the Basic Set and Advanced Missions has been removed. The removed bits are the ship descriptions per empire. What this means to you is that it is slightly smaller than the combined Basic Set and Advanced Mission rules shuffled together. Put this in a 2" D-ring heavy duty binder and you are ready to game. Some of my friends have purchased multiple copies so other players have it to reference during 'learning' games.
Make this rulebook an early purchase as you build your Star Fleet Battles game to its full and glorious size.

Patrick Dillman
Just as advertised, this is exactly what is in the description. A must have if you are hosting several players. Well worth the money and allows you to keep your original rulebooks intact.