Federation Commander: Klingon Border


Federation Commander – a sci fi space combat game
Federation Commander is based on the well tested and developed Star Fleet Universe of products like Star Fleet Battles. What you find here is everything you need to launch right into an exciting game of star ship combat. It has color maps, counters, logical rules that play well and more. What I love best about FC (and the Star Fleet Universe of games) is that each race has its own weapons and therefore tactics. The different strengths and weaknesses of your ships are brought up against an enemy with different weapons and therefore tactics. The sequence of play at first is a little mystifying, but trust me it works well. Once you get through a few turns you’ll start to feel the flow of simultaneous movement and firing opportunities. You’ll be struggling with bring your weapons to bear at the right time, the right distance and armed to the right level. As you inflict damage on your opponent’s space ship the shields are the first protection and then internal damage is resolved on the DAC (Damage Allocation Chart). As the damage is resolved on the DAC you’ll feel the damage walk across the systems and reduce the effectiveness of the enemy. Because this game is based on a much larger system (Star Fleet Battles) the expansions are balanced and add great variety to the game. After your first few games I would recommend the FC Reference Rulebook. It gives you all of the rules at your fingertips. Also, as soon as you can, pick up the FC: Tactics manual. (I must confess I never played SFB correctly until after reading the Tactics Manual.) Not convinced? Test out the free demo version of the game available here:
Date Added: 03/19/2017 by Dan Proctor