F&E Large Scale Map


If you are serious about playing Federation and Empire, this is an investment that is worth it.

Key Pros:

4-5 Stacks are easily placed per hex. This allows you a "big picture" perspective without having to reach in and move too many counters around. Knocking stacks over can be fairly annoying.

The provinces are clearly demarcated so figuring "what is what" and exactly what is captured or disrupted is much easier.

Included along the bottom row are helpful items like a battle mat as well as capital hex compositions for easy reference.

If you are serious about picking this up, pay the extra money and get it laminated. This will allow you to mark off bases as destroyed and annotate ownership of provinces without danger of wrecking the map. Also, this map is a pretty significant investment, so a spilled beverage is the LAST thing you want ruining your map.

So, get yourself to a 6 foot folding table or larger and set this guy up. The map that came with the game is fully functional, but if you want the wow factor and ALOT of added convenience, pick this one up.
Date Added: 08/07/2016 by Daniel Knudsen