Captain's Log #03 Reprint


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This is a reprint from a scan of an original. It has all of the original material (except for some advertising inside the cover for products no longer available). We are making it available for fans who want to have the complete collection. The bound version has a black and white cardstock cover. The unbound version is just pages. Due to the layout, it is not practical to hole punch this item.

This classic 1984 issue includes the fiction story The First Round. In this story, famed Orion Pirate captain Deth O'Kay is kidnapped by the Masters and forced to fight starship duels in an arena. Also included are:

* Four modified SSDs for the ships of the Masters
* 29 scenarios
* The first draft of the D15 ground combat rules
* And a full-page portrait of a Gorn captain.

A typesetter error in the original production left out two sections of text which were published later, and these are included here.


Joseph Jackson
5 of 5 Stars
This is a no nonsense, get right into it, Captains Log. It has a ton of scenario's to dive into. I'm a huge fan of the fan fiction. If for no other reason, getting your hands on Deth O'Kay's HammerField SSD is worth every penny in my book. Too much info? Too bad. Spoiler: It's Awesome!


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