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This is a reprint from a scan of an original. It has all of the original material (except for some advertising inside the cover for products no longer available). We are making it available for fans who want to have the complete collection. The bound version has a black and white cardstock cover. The unbound version is just pages. Due to the layout, it is not practical to hole punch this item.

This 1994 issue is 80 pages long.

HISTORY includes Betrayal at Oxvind V (Romulans try to negotiate a ceasefire with the Federation and the Klingons prevent it) and Footnotes of History.

DATABASE (which is now the Communications section) includes a play aid for particle cannons, Conventions and rated aces, building a better Captain's Log, Staff Awards, Input Guide, Command the Future, Why, Proposals Board, Kommodore Ketrick, Example of tractor auctions, Ten questions, and a Tri-video guide.

UNIVERSE (which later became Venues) includes articles on Prime Directive, Star Fleet Warlord, and Star Fleet Missions.

SCENARIOS include six new ones: Nerves of Steel, Sharks, Rally Point Red, Prevent Defense, Enemy of My Enemy, Starbase Sanguinax.

TACTICS include the Seltorian Seminar, Term Papers, Victory at Gencon 93, and Ask Uncle Ardak.

A special feature is the SFB Rules Cross Index.

FEDERATION & EMPIRE includes Q&A, Tactical Notes, Alliance Strategies, Commentaries on DF&E, Tholian Gambit Scenario, and reference cards for the Klingons and Lyrans.

NEW SHIPS include the Klingon G2C and F5W and the Kzinti DWV and FCR.

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