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Rin Jankae sat in his command chair, his thoughts hidden behind his impenetrable black eyes and his steepled, long white fingers. He was trying to decide for himself if today was the day that the Romulans entered the war.

Released in June 2005, this Captain’s Log issue supports Star Fleet Battles and Federation & Empire. “Shield of the Federation” by Randy O. Green is a story of the Day of the Eagle, the day the Romulans entered the General War. Can the cruiser Groton and destroyer Genghis hold off the Romulans and be the shield of the Federation? “Lawfare” provides some humor in the issue. “Aces and Eights” takes place nearly a month after the Day of the Eagle and focuses on the destroyer Halsey.

In addition to the story, History includes deck plans for the Romulan SkyHawk, class histories for the Federation battle frigate and Klingon F6, and a history of the Federation bomber program.

As is usual, Communications informs readers about the company’s activities. The company hired two new people, thus helping spread out the workload. Captain’s Log #30 and SFB Module F1 have after-action reports. The company laid out its plans for new print releases and metal miniatures for the coming year. There are questions and answers about Starlist, which makes it easy for players to contact other players. The Input Guide has guidelines for how not to submit scenarios, ships, and fiction. Admiral Growler answers SFB questions. There is a discussion about some proposals and a call for Rangers. More “Why” questions get answered. There is an interview with Ken Burnside. There are two pages of filk songs. Finally, there are the Star Fleet Awards.

This issue includes seven scenarios for Star Fleet Battles. SL234, The Shield of the Federation, and SL235, Aces and Eights, are based on the two stories in the issue. Set during the Early Years, SL236, Web of Curiosity, involves an encounter between the Tholians and Klingons. SL237, Follies of Second-Hand Goods, pits Orions against Jindarians. An Omega scenario, SL238, An Intruding Situation, has the first covert attempt of the Andromedans to take over the Drex. SL239, Further Intrusions, has an Andromedan-controlled Drex dreadnought attacking a Drex battlecruiser and three gunboats. SL240, Riposte at Anporlax, is a classic matchup of the Federation and Klingons.

Database articles include battlegroups designed with local forces. There is an article on the moray eel. Admiral’s Game is updated to allow for ships described since 1999. There is an excerpt of a partial X-refit rule from SFB Module X1R. Rule. There are new rules for creating F&E battle groups in SFB and for advanced ground combat in SFB. There is a guide for converting captured Andromedan ships to fit in the fleets of the Galactic Powers, and vice versa. The final article is an example of how energy balancing works when the ship is damaged.

The Tactics section has primers for the Sharkhunters and Alunda. There are over two pages of term papers, along with another half-page with encore term papers.

The Venues section covers Star Fleet Command, SFB On-Line, playing by email, Galactic Conquest (with an article by Howard Bampton introducing a new Andromedan War campaign, Star Fleet Warlord, GURPS Prime Directive, and Star Fleet Battle Force.

Federation & Empire has a rule from Strategic Operations on Survey Ships. There are four pages of tactical notes. Finally, there are rules and rulings.

New ships and gunboats are added for Star Fleet Battles. The Federation gets its battle frigate carrier, battle frigate scout, battle frigate escort, and battle drone frigate; Klingons gain the F6B battle frigate, F6J penal battle frigate, F6S battle frigate scout, and F6E battle frigate escort; the Romulans get the JayHawk battle frigate; the Kzintis get their battle frigate. The Klingons and Federation each gain their fast destroyers. The new gunboats are recovery PFRs and survey PFQs. Other ships are “anarchist” ships including a Romulan Intruder, Kzinti Conquistador, and two Andromedan-captured ships: a Gorn battlecruiser and a Lyran heavy cruiser.

Captain's Log 31: Table of Contents (Adobe Acrobat Required)
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