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"So, how is our new master?"
"Corruptible, but it will take time."

Released in November 2006, this Captain's Log issue supports Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, and Federation & Empire. "For the Glory of the Empire," by Stephen V. Cole, has a Klingon Police E4 ordering an F5 warship to shut down and be boarded. What is wrong with the Klingon Fleet, and are Orions to blame?

In addition to the story, History includes information on the Federation Express Corporation, the pursuit of escaping ships in the Star Fleet Universe, and Federation intelligence agencies.

As is usual, Communications informs readers about the company's activities. Module C5 and Captain's Log #33 have after-action reports. The company laid out its plans for new print releases for the coming year, including new materials for Federation Commander. There are questions and answers about the new Marketing Director and her strategies for the company. The Input Guide has information about the style sheet ADB follows and ideas for needed articles. There are new ships for the Starline 2400 miniatures. Admiral Growler answers SFB questions. More "Why" questions get answered. There is a page of Star Fleet awards.

Federation Commander has a report about the tournament Patrick Doyle won at Origins. There is a preview of Distant Kingdoms. Battle for Organia is a new scenario for Federation Commander. Finally, there is information on playing the game either by email or via SFB Online.

This issue includes four scenarios for Star Fleet Battles. SL252, For the Good of the Empire, is based on the opening story. SL253, Uninvited Pests, is set in the Magellanic Galaxy and pits Maghadim against the Souldra. Set during the Four Powers War, SL254, Catching Hell, involves an encounter between the Hydrans and the Klingons. SL255, Dragons at Large, has two adult space dragons posing a danger to some ISC ships.

Database articles include two battlegroups designed with 500 points, and the requirement the force contain a maximum of one size-class-3 ship. Find out how those battlegroups (one Gorn and one Tholian) fare. There are unofficial and untested rules for adding refits to ships. There is a guide for the Galactic Powers to convert captured Magellanic ships to fit into their fleets and vice versa. The Mind Monster is thoroughly explored. The Carrier Group campaign is updated. In the Tactics section, Jason Gray reports on "Victory at Origins" from 2006. Peter Bakija also reports on a challenging game between the Gorns and Kzintis. The primer focuses on the following Omega empires: Chlorophons, Probr, and Ymatrians from the Omega Octant. It explores these empires' standard tactics and counter-tactics. Steven Petrick explores the best practices of the ISC echelon formation. There are two pages of term papers.

The Venues section covers Star Fleet Command, SFB On-Line, playing by email, Galactic Conquest, Star Fleet Warlord, Prime Directive (with a look at Federation bureaucratical setups), and Star Fleet Battle Force.

Federation & Empire has a status update along with rules and rulings, Q&A, and proposals. There's a report for Origins 2006. There are two pages of tactical notes. There are articles on PFs (gunboats) and or Romulan rapid development.

New ships are added for Star Fleet Battles. The Frax, Qari, Triaxians, and Sharkhunters get their battle stations. Everyone gets these auxiliary warships: armed cutter, free escort carrier, prime corvette, and Federation Express escort. New Advanced Technology era ships make an appearance: The Federation Advanced Technology heavy war destroyer, Romulan Advanced Technology mauler, Kzinti Advanced Technology escort frigate, and Gorn Advanced Technology commando destroyer. The Seltorians get their light scout cruiser and new heavy scout cruiser.

Federation Commander gets new ships in fleet scale only: Orion Pirate Battle Raider; Lyran Bengal Tiger Command Cruiser, Lion Dreadnought, Leopard Destroyer, and Cheetah Frigate; and Hydran Hunter Frigate, Knight Destroyer, Lord Bishop Command Cruiser, and Paladin Dreadnought.

The SSDs from this issue are available separately.

Captain's Log 34: Table of Contents (Adobe Acrobat Required)
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