A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1.2: Klingon Ship Roster Pack Deluxe


Code: M30001-K_RD

Regarded by the Federation as one of its two primary enemies, the Klingons are a military dictatorship. With less territory than the Federation, the Klingons feel threatened and can only match Star Fleet’s combat power by keeping their civilian population on the brink of poverty. The Klingon government is corrupt and paranoid, and legions of secret police watch for any sign of disloyalty among the military.

Printed in B&W, single-sided, on cardstock, this ship roster card pack contains: E4 Defender-class light frigate, F5K Fury-class frigate, D6K Barbarous-class heavy cruiser, D7K Klodode-class battlecruiser, D5K Renegade-class war cruiser, D5D Crossbow-class war cruiser, D5W Soulkiller-class new heavy cruiser, FD7 Swiftsword-class fast cruiser, D7L Doomslayer-class command cruiser, C7 War-class heavy battlecruiser, C8 Kang-class dreadnought, armed cutter (class-1 phaser), armed cutter (class-2 phaser/drone), Prime Trader transport (phaser-2), Prime Trader transport (disruptor), Prime Trader transport (drone), mobile base (disruptor), mobile base (disruptor-drone), mobile base (drone), and battle station.

You must have A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1, Revision 2 in order to use these cards.
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