Module J2: Advanced Fighters


Code: 5619

Module J2 includes new warships, fighters, weapons, and systems: Oversized Fighter Squadrons are launched by Patrol and Interdiction Carriers. Scout Carriers and Area Control Ships pave the way to the PFTs that followed. New ships include Federation Fast Carrier and F-111 carriers, Klingon FWE and D6Y, Romulan NovaHawk-B and Vulture-V, Kzinti DDE and CLE, Gorn Emergency Carrier, Tholian Dreadnought-Carrier and War Cruiser Carrier, Orion Slaver-Carrier, Hydran Pegasus-Carrier, Lyran Medium Carrier, ISC Light Fleet Carrier, and more. Bombers, huge shuttles bristling with weapons, defend planets from invaders. Megafighters are enlarged standard fighters: faster, meaner, tougher! Remote-controlled fighters keep pilots alive to fight another day and have faster launch rates but lack the range for independent strikes and cannot survive dogfights. Advanced versions of many shuttles, heavy fighters, and plasma fighters. New weapons include Stonefish Drones, Heavy Drones, and type-K Plasmas. Andromedan Small Support Units and Mobile Weapon Platforms (their version of fighters and PFs). Seven scenarios, 83 SSDs, charts, and annexes complete the package.
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