Module F2: The Vudar Enclave


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SSD Book

The Race That Humiliated the Klingons!

The Vudar were a Klingon subject race. Due to their unique ability to tolerate radiation fields, the Vudar were allowed to build their own ships as Klingon police auxiliaries. Due to the radiation glare, the Klingons didn't realize how many ships the Vudar had built until the Vudar declared independence.

Or did any of this really happen? Since the idea of building a whole bunch of ships with the economic power of a single planet makes no sense, were the Vudar just a Klingon trick to convince the Hydrans to allow a "neutral" race to occupy half of the Kingdom?

Includes 45 new SSDs, eight new scenarios, and several new weapons including the Ion Cannon, Ion Pulse Generator, and Ion Storm Generator. 108 counters.

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