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On the far side of the ISC is the impenetrable Galactic Void, a dead zone in which no ship can survive. Beyond that void lies the Omega Sector, a wild and warlike area where two dozen empires battle for survival with new ships and new weapons. These empires and ships have previously been presented for Star Fleet Battles (in a series of five modules) and now, this playtest pack makes five of those empires available for testing under the Federation Commander game system.

Included here are rules for a dozen new weapons, background for five of the empires, and two typical ships each for the Maesron Alliance, Trobrin Empire, and Probr Revolution and one ship each for the Iridani Questors and the Federal Republic of Aurora. (Each ship is presented in Squadron Scale, and in both full color and low-toner versions.)

The rules are not proofread and need testing. Reports should be sent to ADB, Inc., for use in developing a formal product. Some "art" is not included in this playtest package.

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