Captain's Log #28 SSDs


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This collection of SSDs includes the following ships:

Large auxiliary bomber barge and heavy auxiliary bomber barge.
Federation quad-engine dreadnought, tri-engine cruiser, dual-engine destroyer, dual-engine fleet scout, tri-engine tug, double light cruiser, fast battlecruiser, and gunfighter frigate.
Klingon BC8 quad-engine dreadnought and GF5 gunfighter frigate.
Romulan RegentHawk-K heavy assault cruiser and SeaHawk-G gunfighter frigate.
Kzinti gunfighter frigate.
Orion Gunfighter Raider.
Gorn gunfighter destroyer, dreadnought-battleship, destroyer-dreadnought, and base buster.
Neo-Tholian gunfighter frigate and Neo-Tholianized destroyer.
Tholian TK8 dreadnought, TK7 cruiser, battleship, and stellar domination ship.
Hydran Galleon and Hacker gunfighter frigate.
Lyran Cheetah-G gunfighter frigate, emergency cutter, emergency escort, and emergency corvette.
WYN Baracuda gunfighter frigate, converted Gorn battledestroyer, converted Hydran Hunter frigate, converted Tholian destroyer, converted Romulan SeaHawk, converted Seltorian frigate, converted Andromedan Intruder, and converted Amdromedan Mamba.
Seltorian gunfighter frigate and penal light cruiser.
Paravian dreadnought, heavy cruiser, Raptor light cruiser, Peregrine DW and variants, goblin frigate, Raid mothership and pods, strike carrier, Raptor-P war cruiser PF tender, Hummingbird PF flotilla, and PF variants.
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