Star Fleet Marines: Assault


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Ground combat comes to the Star Fleet Universe. Your squads of Marines, combat engineers, commandos, heavy weapons, snipers, and militia fire to stun the enemy and maneuver for the close assault. Includes rules for infantry, armor, transporter artillery, sky cavalry (shuttlecraft assaults), landing by transporter, bunkers, battle positions, and civilians. Eight scenarios include the Battle of the Kzinti Farm and Zombie Apocalypse. Take to field of combat on a 22 x 25 1/2" full color map design by Xander Fulton. Only 10 pages of rules (and 14 pages of scenarios, charts, notes, and so forth) with 560 die-cut counters.


Patrick Dillman
5 of 5 Stars
More detailed than (D15.0), but easier and faster than ASL. No, really. Just as the headline says. This goes for both Assault and Last Stand. What I like the most is that is can be used with all of the SFU ship combat games for ground combat with very little kludging of rules.


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