Star Fleet Marines: Last Stand


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Second module in the series, ground combat in the Star Fleet Universe. Each counter is a squad. Adds new rules (external passengers, outposts, fighting your way into bases), new units (ground weapons vehicles, heavy shuttles, ground bombardment shuttles), new terrain (cliffs, depressions, higher hills), and eleven new scenarios.
This module includes 560 new counters (including Romulan armor and Hydran infantry).
The rulebook is updated and expanded from ASSAULT.


Patrick Dillman
5 of 5 Stars
More detailed than (D15.0), but easier and faster than ASL. No, really. Just as the headline says. This goes for both Assault and Last Stand. What I like the most is that is can be used with all of the SFU ship combat games for ground combat with very little kludging of rules.


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