FC: Reinforcements Attack


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New ships for Federation Commander!

15 new ships (Fed fast destroyer, Klingon F6B, Romulan K7R, Kzinti destroyer, Gorn destroyer-battlecruiser, Tholian TK5, Hydran D7H, Andro SatBase, Lyran JagdPanther, WYN fast cruiser, ISC fast cruiser and escort cruiser, Vudar fast cruiser, Seltorian fast cruiser and new light cruiser.

a proper battlestation

a new monster (Sun Snake)

2 cards for small ground bases

40 one-inch and 140 half-inch counters

8 new scenarios.

See Boosters 34, 35, and 36 for more ships.


Dylan Sanchez
5 of 5 Stars
An excellent collection of ships that fill in gaps in the various empires’ repertoire. Especially appreciate the Andromedon SatBase.


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