FC: Romulan Attack!


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More Romulans! More Gorns! Space Amoebas! Oh My!

An expansion for ROMULAN BORDER, this product will also work with KLINGON BORDER.

This product adds 16 new ships (Ore Carrier; Fed Strike Cruiser, and Battle Frigate; Romulan King Eagle, Snipe, KC9R dreadnought, KF5R destroyer, SparrowHawk Light Cruiser, FireHawk heavy cruiser; Gorn Light Cruiser, Heavy Battlecruiser, Heavy Destroyer, Medium Cruiser, Strike Cruiser; and the Space amoeba which isn't really a ship but let's not be picky) and several more scenarios (Surprise Reversed, And to the Republic, Art of Duty, Encounter at Denebola, Yefimov's Anabasis, Magnificent Panzers, Morkedian Death March, Shield of the Federation, Practice Practice and THEN what?) to the game system.

Contents include 16 page ship-scenario guide, 40 one-inch and 108 half-inch counters, two map panels (asteroids!), and sixteen new ship cards (listed above).

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Dylan Sanchez
5 of 5 Stars
Another great expansion. Lots of useful Romulan and Gorn ships, including a cool Dreadnought variant for the Romulan. Fed ships are a nice bonus and the asteroid rules and maps make this good value.


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