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Enemy Raid Inbound! Form Battle Group Immediately!

Newly updated in 2022, Advanced Operations, an expansion for Federation & Empire, is all about advanced strategies and new capabilities. Expand your campaign with these new ships, rules, and systems.

Raid! Raids strike deep in the heart of a foe. How to defeat them? Combine many small ships into a battle group, a powerful fleet element. Use admirals to increase command and control. Carefully place your new scout ships to provide an advanced warning of the threat. Rip up your enemy with fast drones. Protect your commanders with flagship escort groups. Create impregnable squadrons with carrier groups. Use oversized fighter squadrons to take attrition warfare to new levels of fury.

Build low-cost bases without their fighters and patrol ships, which can be added later. “Cash in” fighters on CVAs to create space control ships. And there are rules that increase flexibility for fighters, neutral zones, and dreadnoughts.

Do you want new ship types? Try out X-ships, capable of outfighting their predecessors. Casual PFs enhance combat power. Experiment with fast warships, heavy war destroyers, penal ships, F111 carriers, and new dreadnoughts.

Want to try out a new scenario? The huge scenario Winds of Fire (617) covers three years of Alliance offensives during the General War. The scenario is divided into six sectors to allow you to play as big a game as you wish. Will the Alliance decide to knock the Romulans out of the war? Or will they use their strategic reserve in a grand, sweeping offensive across the entire front line?

You will need the Federation & Empire 2010 Rulebook and various countersheets to use this expansion.
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