Captain's Log #39

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Captain's Log SSDs

The issue begins with a major fiction story (Burden of Duty, Debt of Revenge) about a old Federation CA which catches a Klingon DX raiding behind the lines. Other fiction, and Part 4 of the Developmental History of Heavy Superiority fighters are also included.

The communications sections includes news, tournament reports, After Action reports on recent products, Command the Future, Jean's Pet Peeves, the Proposals Board, new ships for Starline 2400, Why, and Awards.

Fans of Federation commander get four new ships, rules for early years, tactics, and two new scenarios.

Fans of Star Fleet Battles get ten scenarios, six new ships, the Energy Monster, Sniper Squads, Ask Admiral Growler, Kzinti vs Romulan Anarchist ships, the Truth about Federation fighters (most of which did NOT have gatlings), a campaign update for the Early Years, Battlegroup Sector Patrol, a Branthdon Primer, Victory at Five Nations, and Term Papers.

Venues includes Star Fleet Command, Star Fleet Warlord, Play by Email, Fog of War 6 report, Prime Directive, Galactic Conquest, SFBOL, and commando ships for Star Fleet Battle Force.

F&E Fans will find new rules and rulings, their own Proposals Board and Why articles, the Ship Information Table for the new ships, and lots of tactics.

Captain's Log 39: Table of Contents (Adobe Acrobat Required)

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