Captain's Log #45

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Captain's Log #45 includes new fiction (Race to Confrontation, four warlike captains meet in peacetime expecting the worst; a Klingon detective cracks the biggest case of her career), Background (how Kzinti society works, Seltorian class history, Orion Fleet, LDR diplomacy), new ships (Q-ships and Neo-Tholians for Star Fleet Battles, four war cruiser scouts for Federation Commander, six new ships for Starmada, scouts for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet), new scenarios (five for SFB, two FC, one for Starmada), news (awards, Q&A, Input Guide, Why?, Proposals Board, Background Questions), tactics (Battle Group Commander and Command Notes for FC, Tactical Notes for F&E, Term Papers and Master Victory for SFB, Call-Out notes and special action tactics for ACTA, Conquest Notes for Galactic Conquest), rules updates (Mullakee monster, Ask Admiral Vanaxilth for SFB, Borak Update; Q&A F&E), playtest rules (six new cards for Star Fleet Battle Force, two rules for Marines, scouts for ACTASF), and lots more!

Captain's Log 45: Table of Contents (Adobe Acrobat Required)

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