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“I have nightmares of the Juggernaut, and I have never seen one.”

Released in June 2006, this Captain’s Log issue supports Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, and Federation & Empire. “Snap Count,” by Stephen V. Cole, has the appearance of Juggernaut Beta in Federation territory. Can Star Fleet, combined with the Federation Police and National Guard, defend Arcturus? “The Silence of the Dead,” by Randy O. Green, follows a Romulan ship that finds a derelict alien vessel in Tholian territory.

In addition to the story, History includes information on Tholian patrol corvettes and destroyers, with a class history of the latter, along with details on the Klingon Empire Security Service and the G1 gunboat.

As is usual, Communications informs readers about the company’s activities. Captain’s Log #32 and Federation Commander: Klingon Attack have after-action reports. The company laid out its plans for new print releases and metal miniatures for the coming year, including new materials for Federation Commander. There are questions and answers about submissions to ADB. The Input Guide has information about the style sheet that ADB follows. Proposals for Star Fleet Battles are presented. Admiral Growler answers SFB questions. More “Why” questions get answered. There is a page of filk songs.

Federation Commander has prototype rules for the Lyrans’ expanding spheres. There is a page of tactics papers. The three following scenarios appear. The First Battle of Juggernaut Beta (Juggernaut Beta against anyone who wants to fight it), Starhunt, the Stolen Freighters (Orion pirates and police), and the Battle of Juggernaut Alpha (Juggernaut Alpha faces the “allies”) provide challenges for Federation Commander players.

This issue includes six scenarios for Star Fleet Battles. SL246, Stand at Arcturus, is based on the story “Snap Count.” SL247, Tentative Response, is set in the Magellanic Galaxy and pits Maghadim against the Baduvai. Set during the Early Years, SL248, Different Romulans, involves an encounter between the Vulcans and Gorns. SL249, And None Shall Pass, is set in the Omega Octant and is a two-way battle between the Loriyill and Drex. A three-way version allows a third player to fly the Chlorophon ship. SL250, A Dark and Stormy Day, has the Hydrans facing the Vudar. SL251, Who Ordered the PFs?, a battle station’s PFs are absent, but a tug is on the way with replacements. Will the tug get the gunboats to the battle station in time without being destroyed itself?

Database articles include battlegroups designed with 1,00 points and the required use of a tug or light tactical transport if the empire didn’t have a tug. There is an article on the sun snake. SFB campaigns get a new rule for casual cargo storage. The Fast Patrol ship campaign is updated. There is a guide for Tholians to convert captured foreign ships to fit into Tholian fleets and vice versa.

The Tactics section has “Fog of War 4” by Jim Hart. The primer focuses on the Magellanic empires, exploring this new region’s standard tactics and counter-tactics. There are two pages of term papers.

The Venues section covers Star Fleet Command, SFB On-Line, playing by email, Galactic Conquest, Star Fleet Warlord, Prime Directive (with a look at Tholian biology), and Star Fleet Battle Force.

Federation & Empire has a status update along with rules and rulings, Q&A, and proposals. There are two pages of tactical notes. There is a new scenario, (674) The Long Distance War.

New ships are added for Star Fleet Battles. Everyone gets the civilian planetary operations base. The Federation gets the following destroyer variations: emergency management ship, Middle Years destroyer, deckhouse destroyer, deckhouse light carrier, deckhouse destroyer transport, heavy destroyer, heavy destroyer carrier, heavy destroyer transport, heavy destroyer minesweeper, and heavy commando transport. The Tholians get the scout destroyer and “White Widow” destroyer carrier, both destroyer variants. They also get SSDs for the following captured ships: Federation police cutter, Romulan police ship, Orion Light Raider, and Klingon G2 gunboat. Juggernaut Beta from the cover story gets its SSD. Federation Commander gets new ship cards for the Lyran Jaguar war cruiser, Hydran Mongol medium cruiser, WYN war cruiser, and ISC light cruiser. These four ships are in fleet scale.

The SSDs from this issue are available separately.

Captain's Log 33: Table of Contents (Adobe Acrobat Required)
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