Captain's Log #50

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The Golden Issue! For our 50th issue, we blew out all of the stops to provide the hottest new material for each game.
Day of the Dragon: How the Gorns joined the General War.
Space Spider: a new monster for SFB and FC.
SFB: 16 new ships, four new scenarios.
Omega: The Zosman Marauders with SSDs and SFB rules.
FedComm: A new empire (Peladine) and four scenarios.
F&E: Romulan Civil War scenario with playtest counters.
A Call to Arms: Star Fleet: Moray eel and four new Klingon ships.
Starmada: The Andromedan rules and four of their ships.
Star Fleet Marines: A new scenario.
And all of the usual features: update, monster special rules, Paravian brothers of the Anarchist, and much more.

Captain's Log 50: Table of Contents (Adobe Acrobat Required)

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