Star Fleet Times #1-#5


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#1: Gorn, Romulan fast cruisers; first draft of the Custom Ship Design System

#2: Tholian, ISC maulers; D5 squadron SSD; monitor scenario

#3: Romulan Saberhawk SSD, CDS expansion rules for Andro, Frrax, WYN Fish, Selt

#4: Humor issue including weird ships (Orion, Klingon, WYN).

#5: Tournament spotlight including tactics for the new ships added in 1995.


jeff anderson
5 of 5 Stars
While the serious issue/ships have been incorporated into other products, the fun ships by themselves make this a must-have product just as much as the delightful time-capsule aspects of it. So good, I'd like to give it a six star out of five rating. :)


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